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Two-man luge too 'gay' for Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympic Lugeby Farley Hammerton | photo by Kris Krug

It turns out Putin’s Russia is uncomfortable with spandex-clad men, lying on top of each other, engaging in high-risk activities with little protection.

The two-man luge will not be a part of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, as the Olympic committee have pulled it for ‘inciting non-traditional thoughts’. 

The Russian Federation is already on thin ice for their ‘War on Gays’, which could see jail time for the LGBT community and, significantly, those who even show support.

According to the President and CEO of the Sochi Olympics, Dmitry Chernyshenko, Russians are concerned about the non-traditional proximity of the men in a two-man luge.  “Is too close for Russia.  Men make hugs, but luging is make boys think illicitly.”

The Canadian Luge Association responded to Russia’s ban as ‘deeply disappointing’, and ‘abhorrently ignorant.’  Media relations spokesperson, Chris Dornan, was vocal concerning the controversy.  “I knew Russians were bureaucratic, but I never knew they were so anal.  Our lugers are feeling a deep loss after training so hard.”

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The looming question among free nations is whether to participate at all.  Those that argued that boycotting the games will do nothing for the LGBT communities are rethinking their position following the pulling of the luge.  Putin's implementation of highly-sensitive gaydars, has put addition pressure on Western nations to take action.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered these words: “Today male lugers have taken a huge blow.  But you must remain firm and continue this beautiful tradition that promotes male bonding, winter fun, and extreme athleticism.”

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