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Starbucks succulent balls will bag 'Timbit' market

Buck Balls

It looks like Starbucks is putting the squeeze on Tim Hortons' bits.

In a flashy marketing campaign that took social media by storm, Starbucks announced that its Canadian stores will now carry 'Buck Balls, their answer to the ubiquitous Timbit.

But will you pay a dollar apiece for a glorified Timbit?

This is the latest blow in a painful battle that saw Starbucks copying Timmies bland blend with the Blonde Roast, and Timmies parrying with the Latte, flavour shots, and the new dark roast.

'Cupping the ball'

Starbucks CEO, Howard Shultz, says the balls are well worth the $1 price tag.

'The Buck Ball is more savoury than the corn syrup-enriched Timbit. They're salty and grittier and their texture blends well with the coffee. When you dunk it, it stays intact. We call it "cupping the ball."'


Marketing experts wonder if the balls are worth that kind of scratch. Canadians, who are already dealing with recession and a shrinking manufacturing sector, may be reluctant to grab for sack of balls when they come at $12/dozen.

The Buck Balls may come in a cute satchel, but for widespread popularity's sake, they may have to drop, um, their price.

​by Farley Hammerton

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