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If you're a college student sharing your Netflix account, I hope you like Teletubbies. 

Netflix Canada is debuting a uniquely cruel anti-sharing measure called "content throttling."  Named after "bandwidth throttling", a method used by internet providers to penalize excessive downloading with lower speeds, content throttling uses Netflix's rating system to only show content you're not interested in.   

If you're into American Pie-style comedies, Netflix's new algorhythm will replace those shows with, say, The Elephant Man. Like Scandinavian dramas?  The Fast and the Furious 4 might be the next closest option.  In a controversial move, adult horror movies, including Saw III, will begin popping up under the "Animated T.V. shows with friendly animals" category.  This aggressive measure is the first of its kind, and it's working really well.

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"After their content is reversed, they either stop sharing their account, sign up legally, or turn to illegal downloading," boast Netflix spokesperson, Ingmar Ebert. "There's nothing more frustrating to a Netflix user than having sub par recommendations."

Double-double policy hits Canucks accessing U.S. content

These measures also take on Canadian customers accessing U.S. Netflix through DNS settings or VPNs.  "No doubt the Americans have more selection," Ebert concedes.  "But for Canadians who try to beat the system, we're rolling out our 'double double' policy. It's a combination of limiting available shows to only Canadian content and using content throttling.  What we didn't expect is how much Generation Y would love The Raccoons.  That was a bit of a backfire."

By Farley Hammerton, Editor-in-cheif


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