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Festival of Superfriends

It’s being slated as “The Festival of Superfriends,” a hybrid of The Festival of Friends and Supercrawl.  Both are enormously popular, and draw in hoards of people to Hamilton.  We got in touch with our best sources to discuss what’s behind the merger of these two iconic festivals.

The organizer for 2012’s record-breaking Supercrawl, Tim Potocic, was blunt during his interview with CBC, “We run on a shoestring budget,” he said. “There's also a large deficit our company covers.” The Supercrawl may have brought out well over 60,000 people, but it barely broke even.

The problem is that James St’s capacity has outgrown the Supercrawl,
something that Ancaster fairgrounds can easily accommodate.   “It’s a
similar situation to the Festival of Friends,” says James St. N
resident, Flora Grenadine.  “No one wanted it to leave Gage Park, but
they were reaching capacity, and the neighbourhood complaints were on
the upswing.”

Potocic could not be reached for questioning, but an inside source
said that some heavies in Ancaster really leaned hard on the planning
committee.  “Not many downtowners get to see the beauty of Ancaster,”
our source said.  “It’s a shame, because there’s not so many decrepit
buildings or the lack of parking. Also – there’s a really great landscape painting movement among housewives here in Ancaster.  They are not so risky, but they look nice in a bathroom or waiting room.”

Not all business on James St N were thrilled with the crowds.  A notorious pawn shop owner claims that, “Nobody wants a stereo or a trombone on supercrawl weekend, and they’re too busy stuffing their faces with Gorilla Cheese to trade in their family heirlooms.”

This year’s goal is to get sponsorship value up, and Ancaster has a cleaner palette to paint on the ads.  Criticism of this move surrounds the fact that downtown has finally got some buzz, and now it’s moved to wealthy Ancaster.    Unfortunately, for detractors, the decision is already made – the lure of 5,000 parking spots and a 36,000 square-foot show space is too much for organizers to turn down.

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by Farley Hammerton

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